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Wassup Chingy Full Dekk / New Video "Hello"

Published on Sep 8, 2013

Chingy ft Soulo 'Hello' [Official Video]
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 Travon Martinwassup_trayvon.jpg  Michael Brown  Tamar Rice

As politicians, educators, law enforcement professionals and the like, how do we identify, define and solve this problem of cultural bias?

DJ D-Strong Official Orlando Magic DJ

As one of the hottest DJs in the dirty south, DJ D-Strong, continues add to his to his repertoire of accolades as the official Orlando Magic DJ.

Also, featured on the nationally syndicated hip hop show B.E.T. 106 & Park, DJ D-Strong is well known for his ability to put the hip in hip hop, packing out the down town Orlando's Beacham night club along with DJ Richie Rich on Saturday Nights.

This past Saturday night, November 1, The Wassup Network was on the scene at the Beacham located at 46 N Orange Ave, and we snapped DJ D-strong with St. Louis fashion jewel Zaneta Bailey.

Zaneta Bailey, sister to Howard Bailey (Chingy) is beautiful as well as talented.  Living in Orlando currently, Zaneta designs, collects as well as creates beautiful fashions for independent women everywhere. Check out https://www.facebook.com/pages/ZBailey-Collections/264951130212551 for an inside look.

Hot on the radar is Z.Bailey Collections. You can say, "I told you so!" as she shines her way to the top. A big thanks DJ D-Strong for such a cool photo opp!  I promise to clean my camera lens next time!  Luv ya like a brother!



The Secret

One half of all energy is misunderstood.  Find out the secret.

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DJ D-Strong

DJ D-STRONG #WASSUPNETWORKDJ D-Strong commands the attention of listeners and fans all across the nation.  He masters the turn table by mixing the hottest hits, with his own brand digital techniques.  The end result is a packed house of happy hip hoppers.

And while I have seen and heard of DJ D-Strong, I certainly never expected to meet him personally. (Well, I did get a thumbs up once.  I caught him in action at one of the local clubs downtown.)  That was pretty cool.

But as luck would have it, I was in the right place at the right time two week ago. It was a late night and my friends and I conversed over a large cheese pizza.  The topic of the moment was citizenship. The demographics of the group included a former military man, a finance guru, myself a blogger and the brother of a popular rap star. A nice mix right?

Then walks in DJ D-Strong carrying an arsenal of electronics in a backpack. Ok I didn't recognize him at first as "THE DJ D-Strong" but eventually I realized that he was someone whom everyone seemed to know.  He walked in, and while waiting for his pizza, he chimed in on the conversation. I was engaged in the subject matter and really did not pay attention to all the passersby, and fans bidding for his attention.

He apologized for the interruptions but clearly "in my mind" he had a lot of friends. I heard someone congratulate him on the show and call his name. Suddenly the light bulb went on, "this is DJ D-Strong!" How exciting for me. We all enjoyed talking to him. He was very down to earth and entertaining.  He made us feel like one of the gang and he invited us to visit him at the club! Check out DJ D-Strong!  That's my DJ


Hassan Pierre features Fashion, The Way It Should Be....


Hassan Pierre is the newest fashion designer capturing the hearts and attention of the world. Earth conscious consumers embrace the inspiration of this new breed. Hassan Pierre is the hallmark of the new millennium.9/9/2011

After a very intense search, I found the official website site. Enjoy. http://shouldbeapparel.com/ Personally, I love the inspiration and the simplicity of each design. Effective and yet it doesn't steal the light from the person that wears i

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