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Wassup with Ferguson, MI?

Fusion reports ...http://youtu.be/gq9pHONmaLc 

Cop pulls out gun on a black teen at pool party gone wrong!

From the Ricky Smiley Show --) No gooood!

Officer Suspended After Handcuffing & Pulling Out Gun On Teens During Pool Party From The Rickey Smiley Show link up here--->http://bit.ly/1Qgb1d3.

Yes it happened!  See below!

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Screenshot 2015-06-09 21.56.12 (3) (640x462)

Ethnic Genocide

  1. the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.
    synonyms: mass murder, mass homicide, massacreMore

Mississippi Madness

CBSNEWS.COM reported a shameful display of evil, ignorance and madness, as reports reveal the tragic story in the death of a man.

Want more insight? http://www.jacksonadvocateonline.com/


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